I have decided to deprecate my old bio and have backdated this blog to incorporate the old content:-

I have had an interest in computers for as long as I can remember now, but my real interest in programming started when I got my first home PC in 2000. I decided to teach myself HTML, as this was an easy language to start with and there is lots of available material. I decided to follow up my interest by applying for a course at Bradford College, where I was advised to take the AVCE in ICT, in order to have a broader knowledge base of all IT aspects. Upon finishing the course my skills had come a long way, especially with my programming, as I had studied Visual Basic as part of my course, and also took it upon myself to study extra curricular courses with City & Guilds in Java & C++.

I was then advised by my tutors of a HND course in Software Engineering, which sounded like the perfect course for me. I took the course very seriously as this was now developing into a viable career for myself, in something I loved doing. I passed the HND with honours, getting 13 distinctions and 2 merits. I then went on to Bradford University to take my career even further, where I studied a BSc Hons Degree in Software Development Applications, for which I received a 1st class with honours.

During this time, I did quite a bit of work for local companies, who required websites for their businesses, although this was not my preferred line of work I thought it useful to have some experience in the business world. I have developed websites for 'Xtreme Tints', 'Shalwaar-Kameez Company', 'Ahmad Textiles' & 'Storm Motorsport'. I developed my own personal website 'craigwardman.com' as well as making an online community for car enthusiasts 'BadRides.co.uk' which is now closed. I have also done more extensive IT work for 'The Shalwaar-Kameez Company' such as graphic design, remote security camera systems and general PC maintenance.

To keep with my main interest in programming, I am constantly developing my own software solutions, to help me in my everyday tasks, one of which, being 'MediaViewer' a picture/video/audio slideshowing, browsing and search program, which is available to download in the projects section of this site. I have also developed a chat program in C++, which was originally for my BSc final year project. Using the Win32 API and Windows Sockets I enjoyed building this program and hope to continue its development (also available to download in the projects section).